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Looking for up-to-date information on European Works Councils?

The EWC database is a specific service by the European Trade Union Institute.

The database contains the details and texts of agreements that have established European Works Councils, as well as agreements negotiated by EWCs on specific topics (substantive agreements).

In delivering this service the ETUI co-operates with the European Industry Federations which offers further analysis of these documents.

The database also contains (brief) information on multinational companies falling within the scope of the EWC Directive including records and reference to European Companies and their SE Works Council agreements.

The database has been widely used as a reference source by assorted EU and national institutions as well as research and academic centres.

It also represents a useful tool for all practitioners dealing with EWCs and employee participation in their daily work (e.g. European Industry Federations, trade unions, shop stewards, employee representatives, EWC members).

Apart from the database service on the you can find information on some legal aspects of functioning of EWCs ('Legal provisions' section).

In addition to that, in the legal area of ('Jurisprudence') you can find a recent list of legal cases (ECJ and national courts) in which EWCs were involved, or where a decision had an impact on their functioning.

Further information on EWCs in a broader context of employee participation in the EU can be found on another specific website created by the ETUI:


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