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Headquarters: Italy

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Operations in EEA-EFTA and EU candidate countries: IT;

Sector(s) of activity: Chemicals

NACE: 22; 25;

status under the EWC directive: falling within the scope of the Directive

# Body Details Created Reason Ended Reason
1 Pirelli European Works Council 1998 installation from scratch
Workforce for EEA Year Workforce Info Source
2017 4 D&B (Dun & Bradstreet)
1996 9084 Network of experts
Workforce Worldwide Year Workforce Info Source
2017 30189 Filcams-CGIL
1996 36882 Network of experts
merger cases linked to the group
M.7643 27/05/2015
M.7230 24/06/2014
M.5084 17/03/2008
M.4639 03/07/2007
M.3966 23/09/2005
M.3836 02/06/2005
M.3774 23/03/2005
M.2574 14/08/2001
M.1882 14/03/2000
M.1271 31/08/1998
M.253 15/07/1992

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