Renault - n° BO 97/00992

Body: Renault Group Works Council

Company: Renault

Type: judgment of the Court (on EWCs)

Date: 04/04/1997

Reference language: French

Notes: Ordonnance de référé - closure of Renault Vilvoorde. Interim ruling 4-4-1997 in B.O. 97/00992 of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre Cour d’Appel de Versaiiles 7-5-1997 Case’s outcome: On 20 March 1998, Louis Schweitzer, managing director and chair of Renault, was sentenced to pay BEF 10 million for failing to comply with Belgian laws and collective agreements at the time of the 1997 closure of Renault's Belgian headquarters at Vilvoorde. Source: Source: Dryon Krzeslo in: EIRO ID: BE9803137N, Publication date: 28-03-1998 More information available also at: