Declaration on Social Rights and Industrial Relationships at Volkswagen

Body: Volkswagen Group Global Works Council

Company: Volkswagen

Type: agreement

Date: 06/06/2002

Reference language: no information

Notes: IFA: Volkswagen -- A "Declaration on Social Rights and Industrial Relationships at Volkswagen" was signed in June 2002, by Volkswagen management, the IMF and the Volkswagen Global Works' Council (GWC). The Declaration states that the principles of the ILO Core Labour Standards will be assured within Volkswagen. The VW Declaration deals with the freedom of association, collective bargaining, prohibition of child work and forced labour and non-discrimination, as well as remuneration, health and safety and working time. Company management will report to the GWC and its Steering Committee, and in cases of reported violations, one of the two will become active and discuss ways to solve the problems. The IMF's coordinator for the VW Global Works' Council is involved in this discussion and will bring in the position of the IMF and its affiliated unions. The agreement is applicable to the entire Volkswagen group - Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Rolls-Royce Bentley, Lamborghini, Auto-Europa.Jan 07, 2003 – Jesper Nilsson -- Source: