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Headquarters: Germany

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Operations in EEA-EFTA and EU candidate countries: AT; FR; DE; GR; IE; IT; LU; ES; UK; NO; CH; BG; HR; CZ; EE; HU; LV; LT; PL; RO; SK; SI;

Sector(s) of activity: Services Finance

NACE: 64;

status under the EWC directive: no obligation to install an EWC

# Body Details Created Reason Ended Reason
1 Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank Euro Council 2002 installation from merger 2005 merger
Workforce for EEA Year Workforce Info Source
2003 43215 Network of experts
Workforce Worldwide Year Workforce Info Source
2003 66500 Network of experts
merger cases linked to the group
M.3894 13/09/2005
M.3511 15/02/2005
M.2125 10/10/2000
M.2047 03/07/2000

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